Online TDS / TCS Preparation


TCS and TDS Returns. Regular TDS, Revised TDS, of Interest and Tax.



Online TDS/TCS preparation involves using digital platforms or software to input financial data, calculate TDS/TCS amounts, generate required forms, file electronically, facilitate tax payments, and maintain records. It ensures accuracy, efficiency, compliance, and convenience in fulfilling tax obligations.

Self Service TDS Preparation

Self Service TDS Return Preparation & Filing made real easy at (a portal for TDS). You can either use easy to use online questionnaires or upload Excel and Challans to generate FVU File.

Online Self Service TDS preparation covers below three forms. Expert assisted TDS preparation and filing service available for all the forms.

Self Service TDS Forms

1. Form 24Q (Salary)

Any organization such as corporate, partnership firm etc. who deduct the tax from their employees should use Form 24Q to prepare and file TDS return.

2. Form 26Q (Non Salary)

Any organization such as corporate, partnership firm, individuals or HUF whose turnover is more than threshold limits etc. who deduct the tax from their clients or contractors

3. Form 27EQ (TCS)

Any Person (Seller) who is selling goods or services which are notified by Government are required to collect TCS and file the TCS returns

Self Service TDS Process

Easy to use, guided interface makes it quick to complete your TDS preparation. Refer Self Service TDS Return Preparation & Filing screen-by-screen visual help

Create an Account
Select a Service
Fill Data / Upload Excel
Validate, Pay & Download FVU File


Expert filing your TDS Returns
Smart & Easy Error Corrections
Support via Phone / eMail / Chat
Download FVU File and Form-27A
  Up-to-date with the prevailing IT Act and made the portal to calculate accurate Taxes to prepare your or your Client’s TDS Returns. Regular TDS, Revised TDS, Auto Calculation of Interest and Tax.

TDS Self-Service Plans & Pricing

Rs. 199
A fixed fee of Rs. 199 + GST would be charged at the time of downloading the FVU file.
Rs. 796
Rs. 796 + GST would be charged for 4 quarter filings for a form (4 TDS filings pricing).

Self Service TDS Features

  •  Innovative Questionnaires
  •  Online – Highly available
  •  Upload Excel and Bank challan
  •  Real-time Tax Calculation
  •  256 Bit A+ Grade SSL Security
  •  Assisted Tax Filings
  • Intuitive Instant Help
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Multi-Device Support
  • Maximum Deductions
  • Pay nominal for Assisted/Consultation
  • Free* Self-Service filing
  • Advanced Audit Checker
  • Excellent User Experience
  • Easy to understand language
  • Secured File Cabinet
  • above all, Count on our Outstanding Client Service

Online Software Services

Self Service or Do-it-yourself (DIY) Income Tax Filing, Compliance, TDS, GST Invoicing & Accounting Services


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