Form 15CA, 15CB Filing (for remittance approval) Service


Consultation, guidance, and filing assistance for Form 15CA and Form 15CB.



Our services include consultation and guidance regarding the requirement for Form 15CA and Form 15CB, essential documents for certain international transactions. We assist in filing these forms accurately and efficiently. Expert support is available through email, phone, and chat during business hours to address any queries or concerns.

We also offer separate tax filing services if needed, ensuring all your tax-related requirements are met comprehensively and accurately. Our goal is to provide reliable assistance and guidance throughout the process, ensuring compliance with regulations and minimizing any potential issues.

Who should buy?

  • Any person who is making a payment to Non-Residents or to a Foreign Company.
  • Any person who is required to file declaration form of the Foreign remittance made outside India.


  • Upon receiving the documents, our expert will call you before starting the process.
  • Analyse transaction type, understand tax residency status
  • Check applicability of DTAA, requirement to file taxes
  • Expert team will exchange the information through email and phone calls, if necessary.
  • Team will file Form 15CA and Form 15CB.
  • Team will forward a copy of the Form 15CA and Form 15CB.
  • Estimated Processing Time: 2-5 Working days.

Documents to be Submitted

  • Details of Sender (Remitter): Name, Address, PAN, Residential Status, Mobile and Email Id of Sender (remitter).
  • Details of Recipient (Remittee): Name, Residential Status, Address and country of Recipient (Remittee).
  • Country to which remittance is made.
  • Currency in which remittance is made.
  • Amount of Remittance in Indian Currency.
  • Proposed date of Remittance.
  • Nature of Remittance.
  • Bank details of the Remitter (Name of bank, branch and BSR Code).

Other Benefits

Every Service comes with the benefits such as

  • Faster Service
  • Guidance on Transaction
  • Guidance on Tax Filing (as needed as times*)
  • Guidance on TDS deduction


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