Form 13 Filing (Nil / Lower TDS Deduction) Service


Form 13, including consultation, tax liability computation, and filing through Traces.



Our services cover the entire process related to Form 13, which deals with the computation and submission of tax liability for the relevant year. We begin by providing consultation and guidance on the necessity of Form 13, ensuring that clients understand its importance and applicability to their specific situation.

Next, we assist in computing the tax liability for the year in which Form 13 is filed, considering all relevant factors and ensuring accuracy in the calculations. This includes analyzing income sources, deductions, exemptions, and any other pertinent details to determine the correct tax liability.

Once the tax liability is computed, we proceed to file Form 13 through Traces, the designated platform for such submissions. Our team handles all aspects of the filing process, ensuring that the form is completed accurately and submitted within the stipulated deadlines.

Throughout the entire process, expert support is available to clients via email, phone, and chat during business hours. We provide prompt assistance and address any queries or concerns that may arise, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for our clients.

It’s important to note that while we offer support for Form 13 filing, tax filing services are provided separately if needed, ensuring comprehensive assistance for all tax-related matters.

Who should buy?

  • Any person who wants to apply for Nil deduction / Lower deduction of TDS
  • Any person who wants to apply for Nil Collection / Lower collection of TCS
  • NRIs who are selling property in India like to reduce their TDS by the buyer
  • Resident / non-residents who like to Obtaining a nil / lower withholding tax certificate


  • Upon receiving the documents, our expert will call you before starting the process.
  • Analyse transaction type, understand tax residency status
  • Compute the taxes to determine lower TDS rate/nil TDS rate
  • Check applicability of DTAA, requirement to file taxes
  • Expert team will exchange the information through email and phone calls, if necessary.
  • Team will file Form 13.
  • Team will forward a copy of the Form 13.
  • Estimated Processing Time
    • Application: 2-5 Working days
    • Processing time by the Govt Income Tax Officer : ~30-60 days

Documents to be Submitted

  • Last 4 Financial year’s ITR or Income Tax Login credentials
  • Current Financial year income details
  • TAN and of Responsible person who is deducting TDS/TCS
  • Nature of Income (capital gains, rent, dividend etc)
  • Estimated income to be received from transaction.
  • Proposed Rate of lower deduction/collection.
  • Copy of Agreement of sale (at the time of sale) and Sale deed(at the time of purchase) in case of sale of property .

Additional documents that AO may request

  • Copy of Sale deed (at the time of purchase for the property in subject)
  • Copy of Passport (if you are NRI)
  • Draft Sale agreement (with the new buyer)
  • Copy of the Bank Statement that demonstrates the payments made at the time of purchase
  • Circle rate as on date of the application of Form 13
  • Home Loan disbursement letters
  • Proofs for Cost of Improvement (such as bills, agreements)
  • Any other documents requested by Assessing officer

Other Benefits

Every Service comes with the benefits such as

  • Faster Service
  • Guidance on Transaction
  • Guidance on Tax Filing (as needed as times*)
  • Guidance on TDS deduction


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